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Windows Ten

Notes from todays seminar:

FREE to Win 7, Win8 and Win Phone users when it is released – right now this is a Microsoft Insiders view. See link below.

Core shell common to many modes – including on Mars Rover – ‘other’ O/S, different size shape of devices surrounding YOU, and your experience, not the device it is on.

Cortana – your personal assistant

Spartan – Next Internet Explorer

HaloLens – Virtual Reality

More notes on the Core Experience of Windows Ten ~ based on the insider build.



Do you just Luv it when you open Windows Downloads folder and it takes forever for the scanning bar to finish and actually open the folder: Here is the tech tip to FIXIT:

Open your User Name
Right Click on the Downloads folder
Click on Properties
Click on the Customize tab
(many times it is set to optimize Videos, or Pictures)
Change it to General Items
Place a checkmark to Also include this template to All Folders
Click Apply or/then OK.
Open Downloads folder again and it will Snap open, like it should.
Tech Tip from and your friend



Do you ever get a Windows Update Error or specifically error 80070002?  Here is a Great Link to

1. Turn Off Windows Udpate  2. Clean the folders associated with Windows Update  3.  Turn back on Windows Update, then 4.  Perform Windows Update again:



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